31 August 2009

Words That Start with 'M'

The Girl and The Boy started back to school this past week. I am sure they are loving being with their friends and doing all sorts of fun activities, and of course Mommy is loving only having one non-mobile child at home with her :) The Girl had her very first homework assignment sent home to her to complete over the weekend: Cut out 3 pictures from magazines of things that begin with the letter 'M.' So, fast forward to today... we were shopping in Wal-mart, my brigade of children and I. The Girl had the great idea to start naming things that start with 'M.'




Great, fine and dandy. It kept everyone happy and occupied for 20 minutes. Then Bitty began crying which alerted me to the full stinky diaper he was wearing. So we made our way back to the restroom.




And of course the bathrooms were being cleaned. So there were benches back there and so being the resourceful army wife I am, I used them as a makeshift changing table(yes I did have a blanket and a changing pad lol.) I noticed there was another family sitting on the opposite wall from us, but I was too busy to take not of any specifics about them.

Just then The Girl yells out, "MEXICANS!!!"

*Me looking over and realizing that the lovely sweet family is of hispanic decent and wondering if there was anyway they could have not heard that*

"That starts with M, right Mommy?"

*Me trying to hush her as quickly as possible and try to somehow camoflage myself into the wooden chair*

"Mommy, did you hear me? MEXICAN?!?!?! Did I get one?"

"Shhhhhh, (whispering now) Yes sweetie, Mexican does start with M, good job. Shhhhh"

"Ok, YAY!!! I told you(yelling at The Boy) that I knew it was Mexican!! Mexican, Mexican!!"

*me trying to figure out my plan of escape from this torturous moment*

The very nice sweet family gets up, walks by us, sweetly looks over at me and my beautiful children... and gives me the stare of death.

Just another trip to Wal-mart for us.

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