25 May 2008

MarriedToTheArmy: Reporting for Duty

Hi out there in Normalville. I'm MarriedToTheArmy. Really I am. Well, not literally, my real name is Sarah. But I am married to the Army. My husband, which will from here on out be referred to as GI Joe, is an Active Duty Army solidier. We have one of those fairy tale stories... you know, met when we were really young, were high school sweethearts, then got married after being together for years and had kids. But you will hear more about that later...

All of this is very rare in the Army. I know a lot of Army couples who got married after months or even weeks of meeting, and a lot who actually met online. For all you Civilians out there, Army life is more different than you could ever imagine. I suupose part of the reason for this blog is to give all of you out there, all my civilian friends, strangers and hopefully even some more soon-to-be-friends, a REAL glimpse into Army life. It's harder, it's tougher, but so much more rewarding than you could ever imagine. I mean, I get to sleep next to a real life hero every night. Well, not every night. When he is not deployed. Well, technically not even then, I mean they go to the field to to train. But then they also have to go to Gunnery. And then I guess I can't forget schools. Schools where they can be gone for weeks and months at a time. But, I digress... I get to sleep next to a hero. That in and of itself is awesome and well worth every sacrifice we have ever made.

So here I am, MarriedToTheArmy. Reporting for Duty.

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