29 May 2008

Mommy, Is Fashion a Bad Word?

So last week, I walked in on the Girl looking at herself in the mirror in the bathroom. She was posing and making pretty faces in the mirror. Then she hikes up her polka dotted dress and I hear these terrible words exit from her sweet little lips: "I'm SOOOoooo sexy..."


I think my mouth literally dropped to the floor. I had to bend down and pick it up and roll it back into place. As my ears heard what she said, I could sense my inner self screaming out, "NOOOOooooo!!!!!!"

Now, keep in mind she is only 4 1/2. She really has no idea what that word implies. So I sat down with her and asked her where she heard that. Suprise surprise. A certain little girl at school. Now, I am not one to make judgements on people, but I believe it is safe to say that this certain little girls mother thats A LOT of pride on being the SEXIEST(aka most likely to have stepped out of the local strip club) mom in the daycare center. This basically means she wears things that are more appropriate for Barbies, and not for a grown woman who has plenty she needs to cover up.

So the Girl and I had along talk about why that word is NOT appropriate and that just because a certain someone says something, that doesn't mean she is allowed to repeat those things.

Fast forward to this morning... circa 8am.

"Mom, is fashion a bad word?"

No honey fashion is not a bad word. Why did you think that?

"Because I heard from [insert certain someone's name] and I wasn't sure if I should say it."

Ah. Ding ding ding. Something actually stuck! Little moments like that which help make a mom feel a little less of a repetitive robot squawking life instructions between serving mac and cheese and wiping poopy butts.

I turn around and what do I see? The Girl posing in the mirror saying, "Look, I'm SOOOO FASHION!!"


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