02 April 2009

I'm Back from Deployment because My Hubby Deployed... Huh, Wha??

Ok so it only took me 11 months to blog again... not bad for a mom of three small kids? Ah yes, you caught that did you? THREE army brats now. Yes, we are planning to start our own Brigade, basic training begins in the womb. So now we have The Girl, The Boy, and The Bitty Boy. If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart. Awwwww.....

Well, what's the reason you are blogging again MarriedToTheArmy? Well it's because GI Joe has left on a long adventure to the Nether Lands. No, not Holland... Iraq. He is on his third tour there now and has left me as Rear Detachment Commander of our growing triple-stack of Brats. So now that I am Mommy and Daddy, and a full-time college student(don't ask...) I have sooooo much time to blog! *Insert snarky sarcasm here* Really it's just because I always have Deployment Insomnia. I figure I'm up til the butt crack of dawn anyway, so I might as well blog about it!

So hopefully from now on there will be at least weekly posts from me chronicling the comical and chaotic daily occurrences that take place here at Camp Camouflage. I am sure this year has so much in store for me. God is always in control and the Army definitely makes sure you always know that. Even though the fear of my husband being in a war zone could literally cripple me, I give it to God. Daily. Hourly. I know He has so much He is going to teach me this year. I can't wait. We Army wives have it hard, yes that is true. But God has called us each to this life. And he gave us this gift of separation. And yes you read right... GIFT of separation. No it isn't because I LIKE being apart from my husband and taking out the trash and killing bugs, it's because it's a time where God can work on us individually. Where we are carried by him. How then would we ever know what God is capable of if we never are brought through the fire? How would we ever realize that the only set of footprints in the sand were not our own. Only because we simply could not walk any longer on our own two feet. Deployments FORCE us to rely on something. The Army teaches us our families to be strong. THERE'S STRONG AND THEN THERE IS ARMY STRONG. I know you all have seen the cheesy commercials that still manage to make me cry. Deployments are an in-your-face reminder that we CANNOT go through this life without God. Try and you will fail. You will crumble when life's pressures come barreling down. I speak from experience. God is solid. More solid than you and I are. Even more solid than my GI Joe's 6 pack abs ;) Only on HIS solid rock I stand, because ALL OTHER ground is sinking sand.

So it back and enjoy the show... you'll laugh, I'll cry, we'll all revel in God's awesomeness... it'll be a hoot! :)


Vera said...

Hey! I didn't know you had a blog - yay! Chris is ALWAYS in my prayers!!!

MarriedToTheArmy said...

Ah yeah... it's been a while since I blogged... time to get blogging again :)