06 April 2009

Excuse Me Mommy!

Bitty Boy had his 2 month checkup today. And he's not so bitty anymore... he has almost doubled his birth weight. My teeny 7lb 3 oz guy has grown to a whopping 14lbs 3 oz. (Maybe we should call him Beefy Boy..??) He is also 23 inches too, which explains why he is now fitting in his 3-6 month clothes. He got 3 shots and I think I cried harder than he did... I really don't like seeing my little ones in pain. Of course I had The Boy with me also, and he decided to be a pain-in-the-yes-you-know-where the whole time. So when his baby brother had to get shots, he just HAD to climb all over Mommy(while I was trying to hold Bitty's arms down and console the poor pin cushion) just to see if he could see any "blood squirting outta his legs from the holes in the shots." Ah, good times, good times.

Well, for those who may not know, Bitty has reflux which causes him to spit up more than usual. He also has a very hard time sleeping and is just generally fussy and fidgety from being in pain from stomach acid creeping up his esophagus. So we had to get a refill of his 'script while we were there. While I was talking to the pharmacist and holding Bitty because he was still upset from his shots, I hear The Boy behind me.

"Excuse me! Excuse me Mommy!"
Honey, just a sec, Mommy is talking to the Pharmacist.
"Excuse me!! EXCUSE ME! MOMMY!"
What Honey, what is so important that you need to tell me right now?
"Um, I farted 78 times. Excuse me."

*sigh* At least he said excuse me.


Stacy said...

LOL...we usually getting the farting at the DINNER TABLE! We tell them, while it is nice they say excuse me, please just don't. ;)

Your littlest guy is SO SWEET, Sarah. Kai was like that with the weight. He was so SOLID. Then he went through a year of not gaining weight - just growing taller. A little fat would be nice to have on him right now. He has a hard time floating at swimming.

I didn't know you had a blog! Whoohoo...now I can keep up with you. :)

Vera said...

Oh my gosh he cracks me up!! Has your doctor said anything about a wedge? This is what they gave Amelia to sleep in for reflux: http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z118/veraschick2/Amelia064.jpg

I should check in the attic... I told Davis to throw it out, but he always keeps stuff anyway - if we still have it I can send it to you.

You need rest, Mama!!