14 April 2009


The Girl and I were watching Tv while I was feeding Bitty. Her favorite show, What Not To Wear. I know... gotta teach the kid that structured jackets really help define shape, accessories really make the outfit, buy some good quality basic pieces... but I digress.

All of a suddent a commercial comes on for some Olay product/wrinkle creme. The Girl is entranced with it. After it is over she turns and looks at me.

The Girl: Mommy, do you have some of that Olay?
Me: No Honey, I don't think so.
The Girl: You should get some.
Me: Why, do I need it?
The Girl: Yeah for your lines.
Me: (Thinking, hoping, PRAYING she explains herself...) For what lines, Sweetie?
The Girl: The ones on the palms of your hands.

Ahhh. Sigh of relief. I mean, I am Army Wife ALMOST Grown Up. I wouldn't want to have to change my blog title or anything... yet. LOL

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Cathie said...

HAHA! Your entire blog is hilarious! Your babies are cute!