03 April 2009

Sample Size of Heaven

Wow 3 posts in one day... amazing! :)

This is the first incident of what I am going to call a Sample Size of Heaven. It's just a taste of what God's glory is all about. Just a nibble to wet our appetite. These happen all the time and I want to post them to share them with all of you. They are just short and sweet little posts.

I put Bitty Boy on my bed while I brushed my teeth and he saw the drawing that GI Joe had done for our first wedding anniversary. It's a chalk drawing of our wedding picture. Bitty Boy saw it and gave a big gummy grin. He saw his Daddy. Made my heart flutter. Sample Size of Heaven.


Vera said...

Aaaw ♥ YAY for not joining the circus - you're a GREAT momma!!!

Tasha said...

Mkes my eart flutter just reading it! So sweet!