04 April 2009

April is Month of the Military Child

For those of you out in Normalville who may not know, April is Month of the Military Child. It's a time to honor our kids in the role they play to support our military men and women... their moms and dads. Especially nowadays with long, frequent deployments, they have to endure so much. I know my kids have sacrificed a lot for their country, probably without even knowing it. They just think of it as a "normal" life. But it is definitely far from that. My kids have spent more time living without a daddy that they have living with one. Hopefully, God-willing, that will change soon and GI Joe will get to spend more time at home with us as a family, like he should be. But I digress..

So today we celebrated this auspicious occasion with a trip to Kids Fest 2009. Free food, free activities, free games, free giveaways, free music... sounds great right? Well, I mean it was pretty neat all the free things the Army had for the kids. But, it is already the beginning of April... and we are in Texas... so that means summer is creeping it's nasty little head closer and closer. And yes... I mean NASTY. Summer here is 110 degrees with 100% humidity and just plain grossness. So, while I LOVE warmer weather and summer activities and swimming and ice cream and all that goody goody gumdrop fun, I DREAD the heat. Well, today was a reminder of why I loathe Texas summers with every fiber of my being.

The day started off ok, mid 70s with a nice cool breeze. But after waiting in live for 45 minutes for a hot dog(...but it was FREE) in the scorching sun, that 70 degree weather quickly rose to 90. I had 3 kids all sweating and complaining and I was starting to melt. I didn't put sunscreen on my shoulders so by the time we left, my shoulders looked like candy canes... complete with red and white stripes.

The kids got to make a bracelet, get free ice cream, jump in a jumpy jump jump and see a real firetruck and monster truck. All in all it was fun, albeit tiring day. We can home, I put the kids down for a nap and I took a nice chilly shower.

Not really looking forward to the Fourth of July Festival...

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