11 April 2009

Day in the Life of this Army Wife...

I had a plan for the day. I made a list. A timeline, if you will. And boy was it a busy one. I managed to get almost everything done I wanted to, but whew. What a day. Anyone who says military wives have it easy is just a silly billy!

0600-0830 Feed Bitty Boy every 30 minutes while trying to get last few possible minutes of sleep.
0831 Get up from bed and find The Boy and The Girl making a huge mess in her room. Tell them to clean up.
0832-0845 Change Bitty's hugely poopy diaper. Wash hands. make cinnamon sugar toast for older, crazier children.
0845-0915 Feed and rock Bitty to sleep. He is fussy and still tired.
0915-0945 Check email, myspace, twitter etc. while savoring a few nice cups of coffee. Mommy time finally.
0945-1000 Separate laundry, throw a load in the wash.
1000-1020 Iron kids clothes for bluebonnet pictures and my clothes for the day. Get big kids dressed.
1021-1045 My Mom calls... talk to her about my crazy week and crazy kids. Crazy kids talk to Grandma about their crazy Mommy. Crazy crazy crazy.
1045-1100 Get diaper bag ready for the day. Pump a bottle. Thaw a bag of frozen breastmilk for another bottle.
1102-1108 Shower, get dressed, brush teeth, etc. (I have this down to a science now... it's called Mommy of 3 Hyperspeed)
1109-1115 Wake Bitty up, change his clothes and diaper. Put him in carseat. Out the door.
1125-1132 McDonalds drive thru to grab Happy Meals for kids.
1145 Bluebonnet Pics... well worth the effort!

1200-1225 Drop kids off at AWESOME Super Saturday daycare on Post. LOVE it! 16 hours FREE per month when your hubby is deployed!
1240 Arrive at Olive Garden with my BFFs. Stuff myself silly with delicious food.
1310 Find wierd conjoined twin cherry w/ two stems in my cherry coke. Take picture of it and send to Twitter.
1410 Leave Olive Garden and arrive at mall.
1420-1445 Get relaxing super quick pedi at local crappy-but-it'll-have-to-do pedi place
1450-1500 Try on ginormous nursing bras at Motherhood. 38F?? GEESH!
1503 Realize we are late for hair appointments. Begin mad dash through Dillards and food court.
1507-1825 Get hair cut and highlighted. I am a blonde again!! And yes... it took over THREE hours!(Meanwhile in that time I had to have my BFF go and pick up my kids or else I would have been way late. GOD BLESS HER!!)
1835 BFF and I realize we do not want to cook dinner and clean up horrible mess that our crazy kids will undoubtedly make. Deployments suck. McDs gets our business yet again. Yeah two Happy Meals in one day. So what?! Come over here and say that to my face! :)
2012 All kids start having horrible meltdowns and we start packing up to head home.
2013 GI Joe calls in the middle of the chaos. His sixth sense for knowing when the worst time to call is very keen. He has the "Unagi" that our beloved Friend Ross speaks about.
2014 Tell GI Joe to call back in 15 minutes. He promises to do so. Mmmhmmm, well see...
2025 Arrive home. Tell big kids to get ready for bed.
2030 Tuck kids in bed. Feed Bitty.
2055 GI Joe calls back. 40 minutes... not 15 minutes, but not bad either. :)
2125 Get off the phone with GI Joe, Put Bitty to bed.

Nice conversation with my husband. Three kids in bed sleeping. Currently in comfy PJs and slippers. All is well with the world.

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Sarah said...

I just spent the past 10-15 minutes scanning your blog and wanted to say hi. I'm also an Army wife and 25, but no kids for us yet!

I love the bluebonnet picture. Y'all must be somewhere near where we're from - we miss the bluebonnets! (We're currently stationed in Germany.)