20 April 2009

Best Shot Monday

EEK Sorry I haven't posted in a week... life with 3 kids is crazy!

My shot for Best Shot Monday... I was trying to take pictures of the kids in their "Easter" clothes this Sunday for church, and this was one of those in-between shots. You know, while I was trying to get them situated, smiling etc. They just both loved on Bitty and it was too sweet to not take the picture. I love my Brats. :)

Check out more BSM shots over at Tracey's.


Vera said...

THAT is priceless!!!! ♥ I can't wait to see them this summer!!

Stacy said...

Great shot of them...it's so sweet! I'm impressed that you could get a decent shot of the kids. I have a hard time with getting my two in the camera. :)

Tasha said...

Your babies are precious. I still remember reading "The Girl's" birth story like it was yesterday. (HUG)