05 June 2009


Background Info: We just bought a 12 ft poot for the backyard. (And as a side note... I love how I still always say 'we' even though GI Joe in no way had anything to do with this purchase since he is 10,000 miles away... heck he doesn't even know we have it yet. Although he did supply the money for said purchase... Thanks babe!) It's one of those big ones that you have a filter for and it's chlorinated etc.

The Scene: The Boy and I went outside this morning to check on the pool since we just filled it up with water last night.

Me: Ewwwww honey, look... the birds pooped on our pool!
The Boy: EWWWWWW Mommy thats gross!!
Me: I know! Why do birds always try to poop on things? Like target practice??
The Boy: I don't know Mommy... but we should ask my sister... she goes to school.

Sadly, I don't think the topic of avian bowel movements are typical preschool topics.

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