03 June 2009

You Wanna Know What Sucks....

...when you haven't talked to your husband in 9 days and then he finally calls at 3:30am, when you have THREE sleeping children in your bed because of an earlier thunderstorm, and you can't talk because you are utterly exhausted, and so he says he will try and call back, and he does 15 hours later, but you are in the car on base, so you have to put him on speaker phone, and you are on your way to Sonic for free root beer float night with the kids, and so you talk to him while ordering through the drive-in and eating said root beer float, and then he talks to the kids after you get home while you are tucking them in and finally, finally finally, when it is your turn to talk, without any interruptions, the cell phone dies.

Yeah, that sucks.

1 comment:

cathy said...

Ooohhhh...I have no words. Sucks, indeed.