11 May 2009

A Conversation with GI Joe

I got to talk to GI Joe today online. It was nice because lately he has been going on all sorts of missions that occupy a lot of his time, and then in his downtime, he is always so exhausted. So it was really nice to "hear" from him today.

As we were about ready to sign off, I reminded him that today used to be our special day. 11 years ago, we were talking on the phone late at night(shhh don't tell my parents I was up late talking to him lol). He asked me to be his girlfriend. So cute huh? I remember it like it was yesterday, yet it seems so long ago at the same time. Funny how that happens.

Well, GI Joe then said, no, it was ME who asked him out. Oh uh-uh. I did no such thing! I am a lady, for goodness sakes! ;) The conversation then went like this:

GI Joe: Well, you are the one that called me first.
Me: Well yeah, but not that conversation, you had called me.
Gi Joe: Well the first time we talked, you called me.
Me: Well yeah, I got your number from M(my BFF.) I thought you were cute. So sue me. lol
GI Joe: Nah, I'm married to you. That wouldn't work.
GI Joe: You stalked me.
Me: Oh I did, did I? So you like stalkers?
GI Joe: Only the pretty ones.


~~louise~~ said...

Just wanted to drop in and thank you for participating in my Military Wives Free Cookbook Give-Away. I've just been reading through all of the comments. Although you didn't win, I did want to drop a note to thank you for sharing your family's unyielding spirit and dedication.

Sara Lynn said...

Hey! You dont know me I saw your Blog linked to MckMamas blog for the Not Me! Monday! Anyways I just really enjoyed your blog and wanted to say you really are a very strong woman and I find your blog to be an inspiration. I look forward to future posts. Btw this one was so SWEET! My job actually builds internet Cafes which I believe is how your husband gets to get online. Kinda neat!!