06 May 2009

God's To-Do List

I am such a daydreamer... a thinker, a planner, a wisher. I remember many night my very best friend M and I would stay up late as kids planning our futures together. We would go to college and share an apartment. We would have the cutest bathroom and paint the walls to look like the outdoors. We planned to get married at the same time, have our kids at the same time, do everything together. (By the way she just called and told me TONIGHT that she is getting married!!! I told her maybe she can have her first kid when I have my 4th, so we could still experience that together lol) Many many hours we would plan various things. Plan how I would get the nerve up to call GI Joe and talk to him for the first time. Think about how we wanted to create our next silly home video. We would get so excited about just the thoughts of these things, that sometimes the actual doing came second. Sometimes we were too tired from creating our screenplay that halfway through filming, we decided we were done and we were on to planning the next thing.

I also LOVE to fill up my time and my calendar with things to do while GI Joe is gone. I have meetings, playgroups, activities, school, appointments, bible study, scrapbooking club, bunco, and everything else you could imagine. It makes the deployment just fly by for me. It also drains me and exhausts me. Brings me to my breaking limit even. But even while I am doing all of these "things," more opportunities to get involved arise. More ministry options, more volunteers needed to do this and provide that. And I just yearn to say yes to everything.

But sometimes I just need to sit back and say no. Maybe no, not never, but at least no, not right now.

God has really been teaching me that I need to really try to focus on what He should have me do, and not what my selfish wishes are. What things does He want me to have on my to-do list today.

But MarriedtotheArmy, how do I know what God wants me to do? Does God even care about what small things I do in my day to day life?

YES He cares. Just ask Him to show you. Ask Him to lead you down HIS path. You will be amazed at just what He lays on your heart and what opportunities are presented to you.

Very recently I have taken up a new ministry opportunity. I am very excited about what God has in store for me. I am very sincerely praying that I have a genuine humble heart and want to do His will and follow His plan. He has been working so incredibly in my life over these past 2 years that I am so eager with anticipation to see what is in store next.

I am going to keep focused of following God's will in my life. Praying and seeing what He wants me to write on my to-do list everyday. What is essential and what is frivolous. What is nourishing and what is draining.

And don't get so wrapped up in the details. Don't worry so much about the planning of every little thing. Sometimes God wants to surprise us. Follow His to-do list and not our own. After all, He is our Father, He knows what's best for us. :)

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