17 May 2009


I spoke with a good friend of mine tonight and she had a bit of a WWYD situation. I won't go into the details, but it was basically about saying no to another friend because 1) she felt uncomfortable about the situation and 2) she felt like God was telling her to say no. She told me that she didn't think the other friend would be understanding about her feeling uncomfortable, and she wasn't sure if she would understand the whole "Well God spoke to me and told me that I shouldn't do this" type of thing. She knew her friend would question her feelings about being uncomfortable, saying she was overreacting, but she wondered if she would question what God told her. She posed a thought-provoking question to me... Can anyone question what God has told you? I mean, someone can question what WE say, or what someONE else has told you. They can say we are overreacting, being silly, crazy, stupid even. But can another person really get upset over what God has spoken to you? It's not like they know what exactly has been spoken between you and God. Or what your relationship with the Lord is like. And we all know that He is without fault, so everything He says is Perfect Truth, no falsehoods. So how can anyone question that or question what you have heard from Him?

This reminds me of a conversation that I once had with GI Joe. He is a very new Christian, a Seeker. And PRAISE GOD for that. If you would have told me a few years ago that I would be attending church with my husband every Sunday(when he is here lol), I wouldn't have believed you. I remember many a Sunday for YEARS of getting myself and the kids up and dressed and heading out to Chapel while GI Joe caught a few more ZZZzzz's. I would ask him every week if he wanted to go, and always let him know how badly I wanted him there. How much I needed him there. A marriage thrives on spiritual continuity between the spouses. But I digress...

GI Joe attends church with me every Sunday. But during the Praise and Worship time, he doesn't sing. And it's not like he doesn't like music. I have caught him many a time jamming out to his iTunes. So I asked him one day after church why he doesn't sing. We got into a big discussion, ahem, about praising the Lord and how important it is. I, being the imperfect one I am, got all over him about the biblical reasons behind his wrongdoing! Well let me just throw stones from my glass house LOL He then gently and lovingly explained to me that no, he wasn't spacing out during those times thinking about the football game on TV later... he said that was his special time to speak with the Lord. Ok God... I WAS CONVICTED!! LOL Ever have those moments?? Insert foot in mouth. The Lord gave me a metaphorical "Booyah! In your face!"

So who are we to question what God has spoken to each other? And for those of you who are reading this thinking... how can I get God to speak to me? ASK HIM! You will be amazed at his response.

My old Pastor once said that he had a lot of people say to him, "God feels so far away." And he would reply, "Well, who moved?" How true that is. God promised us he would NEVER leave us nor forsake us. No matter what we have done, what we have gone through or will go through. He is the same yesterday as He will be tomorrow. And in this crazy chaotic everchanging world that we live in, that is one thing we never have to question. Because when He speaks to us, that is one thing NO ONE can question.

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Lena said...

How true that God never leaves us... the hard part others have when you tell them that God dosent want you to do this or that, is that people question not God, but your thinking its God.