18 May 2009

Not Me Monday

Hi there! Back for some more honest-to-goodness things I did NOT do this week. Head on over to MckMama's for more Not Me Monday fun!

-I most certainly did NOT let The Boy pick up and eat one of his Chicken Nuggets off the ground just to prevent a tantrum from him because he was so hungry. YUCK. I would never let my kid do that.

-I also did NOT wipe Bitty's boogery nose with his blanket and then forget I did that and wrap him up with said blanket. Then when I picked him up I did NOT get boogers all over my forearm. That would be disgusting!

-I also would NEVER let The Boy drink 3 Capri-Suns and eat 2 GoGurts just so he would stop bugging me while I was trying to take a nap while Bitty was sleeping. That would just be wrong!

-I also did not doodle my full name about a bajillion times while talking to GI Joe on the phone. And doodle his name. And then draw little hearts everywhere. That is so juvenile.

-And of course I would never quickly chew 3 pieces of mint gum on the way to Bible Study to try to cover up for the fact that I left the house after forgetting to brush my teeth. I am always so well organized and never would forget something like that.

-And finally, I did NOT spill my soda all over my front porch while walking out the door this morning. And then while trying to pick up the empty can I certainly did NOT get my heel stuck in the mud and then stumble onto the sidewalk while juggling a purse, diaper bag, keys, cell phone and car seat. I am a lady of course, always graceful and poised. ;)


Leah said...

boogers and dirt are just par for the course!! Great Not Me's!
Now come over to my site tomorrow and play along with Toot Your Horn Tuesday You're gonna love it. It's a great follow up to all these admissions we make on Monday. All you need to do is post about all the GREAT things you've done over the last week. Hope you can come!
Leah @ www.sillylittlesparrow.com

Vera said...

Aaaaaaaw to the doodles ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Foursons said...

I have not taught my boys to wipe their noses on their shirts!

Following Him said...

GREAT NMMs...I certainly did not watch a 4 year old sip/slurp water off the ground tonight. She certainly did not think it was HILARIOUS!