20 May 2009

Just One of Those Days....

Today was a hard day. Just one of those days that I really miss my husband. Someone to lean on. Someone to give me a backrub after a long day. Someone to commiserate with. lol

Bitty has been extra fussy the past few days and today was the epitome of that. I spent a totaly of 8 hours trying to get him to nap and fall asleep today. I am exhausted, physically and mentally. It's one of those days where you make ramen for the kids for dinner, don't brush your teeth until 4pm and snap at your kids because you literally have no patience left.

I love the little guy, I do. He is one of the sweetest things ever. His sweet smile and little asian eyes just make my heart melt. But he really is a high needs baby sometimes. He thrives on a schedule and it is so hard to keep him on one when I am a busy, involved temporarily-single mommy of three.

And just typing out that he is difficult makes me feel like a terrible mommy.

But thanks to a few very special friends, I feel a bit better about saying that. So here is my shout out to Kristy, Karla, Celia and Vera. Thanks for cheering me up ladies. :)

So Bitty is finally sleeping. For how long, I have no idea. But I am off to head to bed and try to get at least some semblance of a night's sleep. I'm leaving the dishes in the sink(shhh don't tell FlyLady! lol) and leaving the laundry in piles on the floor of the laundry room(and my bedroom... and the hallway....) and I will get to that tomorrow.

But for now, I am off to kiss my babies to sleep and tuck myself in bed.

Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon...


Lena said...

I believe every good mommy feels terrible for different reasons for her children. I always feel extra terrible when I tell my kids I cant read you a book now, I am cooking dinner, doing laundry, or washing dishes. And I feel bad when I let my baby cry, when I am trying to spend time with the older girls, but not too long, I dont like it when babies cry.

Jodi said...

Lots of (((hugs))) from me, sweetie!