21 May 2009

Simple and Easy Artwork Hanger

Now I know you all have had the same problem I have, especially if you have a little kid in daycare/preschool/kindergarten. The absolute ABUNDANCE of art projects, drawings, paintings, etc. What to do with all of them? My fridge gets absolutely covered in them, but there just isn't enough space. If I have one of The Girl's pieces of art on there, The Boy gets mad and wonders why his isn't on display. Well, I have a solution for you!! All you need is a blank wall(or a portion of a blank wall) and:

About 7 feet of ribbon(whichever kind you'd like), 2 thumb tacks and some paper clips.
First, tie a bow on one end and attach it to the wall using a thumb tack.

Then, do the same to the other side. make sure the ribbon is taut and the thumbtack is attached to the inside part of the ribbon, where the long piece comes out of the bow. (It looks crooked in this pic but I assure you it isn't lol)

The attach the artwork with paper clips and voila! A cute, inexpensive and super easy way to display the kids' artwork. You can change these out as often as you like, ans they will inevitably bring home piles more every week.

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