28 May 2009

Why Is It...

....that big crazy thunderstorms happen at like 5am? Late enough that my kids have slept a while and aren't in that deep-deep sleep anymore? But way too early to get up? And then I have 3 kids crying, in my bed, and I cannot go back to sleep at all due to the nursing a fussy baby and telling my 4 year old to stop moving around.

...that my husband always calls at the most inopertune time, like when all the kids are on crack and a tornado seriously ripped through my living room and it was apparently covered in peanut butter?

...that cars always break down, kids always get the stomach flu and unexpected bills arise always when my husband is deployed?

...that I always forget to take the trash can down to the curb on trash day only when it is REALLY full?

...that all the kids grow into new size clothes at the same exact time?

...that we run out of every cleaner and toiletry and paper product at the exact same time also?

...that I always forget to bring my cell phone in the bathroom with me while I am taking a shower until I am already sopping wet, so then I have to get out and leave wet footprints through my bedroom?

...that on days where I really need the extra sleep and Bitty is actually sleeping well I have deployment insomnia?

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