02 May 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Today was a beautiful day, excluding the fact that it was incredibly humid. But, instead of having the kids cooped up at home all day,(in the AC, where I belong... the humidity and I are not friends) I decided to meet up with one of my friends and her kids at the local HUMONGO park. I amazingly had never been there. It was like the Disneyland of neighborhood parks for kids. It was right on Post(thats the Base for you Navy/Marine Corps peeps) and the kids LOVED it. It had about 10 different huge climbing structures, monkey bars a-plenty and the entire ground was soft foam rubber. It was all enclosed with a fence also! Ah perfect. We took some chairs and sat and enjoyed the briefly overcast sky until the sun came out and made everyone super sweaty.

Well, right next to the playground was a skate park. Where tons of sk8r bois were hanging out. Due to the increase in sunny-ness(yes, I also like to make up words... GI Joe is rubbing off on me after 11 years), one teenage boy decided to take his shirt off to beat the heat. Watching this whole scene is The Boy and his 3.5 year old friend J. The two little boys think this shirtless skater is amusing and intriguing and begin calling him "The Naked Guy." Now this would all be just fine and dandy, normal preschool humor, except for the fact that "Naked Guy" decided to come skate right next to the playground, WELL within earshot of the two boys. As soon as the skateboarder rolls closer, they say:

"Hey, look at Naked Guy."
"Wow. Why are you naked, Naked Guy?"
"Hi Naked Guy. Whatcha doing Naked Guy?"
"Naked Guy is skating. You're naked."
"Look at him be naked."
"Naked Guy. Guy guy guy. Naked naked naked."

Meanwhile my friend and I are trying not-so-successfully to stifle our overflowing laughter and look away so Naked Guy doesn't see us laughing at him. I think every muscle in my upper body cramped up from laughing so hard. *Note to self-- need to work out ASAP*

The little boys just went on and on like this for a good 10 minutes until Naked Guy finally got the hint and decided to don his shirt once again. I love childhood innocence and candor.

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